Church Resources


Starting to use social media for ministry takes some intentional plans and actions for the social media to enhance rather than detract from ministry.


Thoughts to consider

  • What social media is currently being used by the church?
  • What social media is being utilized the most by members of the church?
  • What social media can be consistently updated?
  • How much staff and volunteer help is available to create/update content?


Steps to take to begin or improve social media use for your church:

  • Create a plan for who will be responsible for posting information to sites.
  • Remember: outdated social media is worse than no social media.
  • Begin with the social media that is most used by the church members.
  • Determine and make clear to all involved what will be posted, when it will be posted, and who is responsible for posting content.
  • Set up (or update) the church social media account.
  • Add cover graphics and logo.
  • Post consistently to keep traffic returning.
  • Outdated social media will lose traffic very quickly.
  • Things to post.
  • Upcoming events with helpful information.
  • Past events with pictures, ministry impact made, quotes from the event, etc.
  • Related blogs, articles, Scripture verses, etc.
  • Links to Sermons that can be streamed.


Resources and Links:

  • Facebook – #1 social media site where text, photos, and links can be posted and shared
  • Twitter – #2 social media site with tweets of 140 characters, photos, and links can be posted
  • Instagram – Social media built on posting photos and videos
  • Pinterest – Social media built on sharing photos
  • Periscope – Site for sharing live video of your church services
  • YouTube – Site for posting videos of sermons or church services
  • Vimeo – Site for posting or embedding video of sermons or church services